Turn Of The Tide

The Spiral Theory's debut release - Turn Of The Tide - is almost here! Eight songs that represent the next wave of rock - a unique blend of modern pop melodies, vintage guitar tones, and progressive rhythms! Scroll down to the audio player or  video section for pre-released songs. Also find them on all major streaming platforms including: Spotify, Apple Music, Google Music, Amazon Music, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and Reverbnation.


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Joker's Game:   Jean Luc Godard Awards nominee!  This mini-doc / music video, directed by Johnny Vong,  focuses on the cult of personality and the moment when fame clashes with faith. Selected as the March 2020 Top Music Video of the Month by Cult Critic Movie Awards. As a result, it's nominated in the music video category the Jean Luc Godard Awards, to be announced in September 2020. 

Dirty Water: It's an art to live so superficially.  A tale of riches over substance, and the power of karma to bring ego to its knees. The song was featured for five straight nights on Y108's New Music Showcase.

Open Your Eyes:  A tale of grief, coping, and hope.  Directed / starring: Ricardo E. Segarra. Editing / cinematography: Juan Paolo Chamorro. 

Time Of The Blackened Sun: Warriors On Horses! A galloping tale if there ever was one!! Animation: Gaya Armen

Game Day: WE THE NORTH! This instrumental was written with sports in mind. This fun video features the many moments from the Toronto Raptors magical 2019 run to the NBA Championship!